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FlipHTML5 can turn various types of files into interactive books
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FlipHTML5 can turn various types of files into interactive books using HTML5, even if you don´t have any programming skills. Based on various templates, you can use this tool to easily create brochures, magazines and catalogs that you can publish on websites or send by email. Luckily, the created books can be read on any operating system, provided your browser supports HTML5.

The application has a nice and friendly interface. It supports importing PDF, images and text files and converting Office documents and presentations. After importing those resources, a flipping book is created using the default values and template. However, if you want to personalize it, you can follow the order of the tabs in the left panel and make the desired changes. Fortunately, you can preview the results at any time. Therefore, you can simply add the effects and test if they look as you expect. I was also very satisfied to know that I can enrich my books with different types of media contents, such as video, animations and audio.

The resulting flipping books can be shared in many ways as this tool supports not only publishing online but also creating a standalone file that you can open locally. I was really pleased with the resulting books: the animations are just great and so are the effects. The books look very realistic and the pages flip smoothly, just as in a paper book.

In general, if you have limited desktop publishing skills, FlipHTML5 can help you overcome them. And even if you are an advanced designer, this tool can make your job a lot easier. Although the application is shareware, its free version is almost fully functional, and by signing up to the developers’ website, you can access a lot of additional features. Moreover, you don´t even need to use the desktop tool at all times, because there is a completely online version.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports multiple input formats.
  • It has an OCR engine.
  • It creates very realistic effects


  • It doesn´t allow creating a book from scratch
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